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The most southern wine region of Hungary surrounded by the hills of Villany , due to its climate, provides very favourable conditions for high quality viticulture.Back then the grandparents bought two hectares of vineyards on the slopes of Kopar mountainside in the Villány hills, which over the years has grow to 10 hectares.

We focus to the traditional grape varieties of our wine region, cabernet sauvignon, kékoportó, kékfrankos, cabernet franc, merlot make up the majority of our wines. Grape processing depending on the variety. We focus to the primary fruit flavours during the winemaking. The hospitality is equally important than the winemaking for the family. We have won the "MTA Bora 2015 Wine Competition" with Kopár Cuvée 2011. The Mayer Kopár Cuvée 2011 bear the title "Gold Medal Winner Wine of the Academy of Sciences”. This title is proof that the classic Bordeaux blend from this vineyard is consistent and even outstanding year after year.



Villany's climate is a mix of continental and Mediterranean, with the southern slopes being predominantly Mediterranean.Moderately humid region with even rainfall distribution, mild winters with minimal temperature fluctuations. Very few frosts in autumn or spring.


There is little or no viticulture directly on the old limestones and dolomites, with the exception of the Kopár vineyard. The vineyards are all located on loamy, loess loam soils on the surface of a few metres of loess, on brown forest soils.


The protection of the origin of wines is now regulated in more and more of our wine regions.Villány is a pioneer in creating an approach to quality winemaking, marketing and tourism among the Hungarian wine regions.”Protect the soil, because the richness, fruitiness and maturity of wines are achieved in such soils. The location of the hillsides and valleys is what makes Villany. We designate and protect the boundaries of the wine region, classify the production area, distinguish the vineyards.For a list of the varieties that can be grown here, the cultivation and winemaking technology is provided and verified. Traditions are protected and the ageing and quantity of the wines are constantly monitored."

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